How to Make Cash Testing Out Products

Another way to save a little money besides coupons is testing out products. Companies always need consumer feedback on new products or changes they are making to existing ones. It’s quite easy to do, you can do it from your own home, and not only will you get paid but it will cut down on your grocery and household products bills because you will be getting some items sent to you for free.

How much can I realistically make doing this?

Some people get very excited when they find out that they can get paid to test out products at home, but the reality is this will not be a replacement for a full time job. This is a great way to earn a little extra income on the side, especially if you are at home a lot as most of us are these days. Even if you sign up for a lot of different programs, you will probably only get a few different products a month to test out. On average you get paid $10-$15 per product review, although some go as high as $50. When you factor in that you need to actually use the product (sometimes a …

How To Save On: C4U Fragrance Free Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is something we are all going to need for a while longer, and to be honest frequent hand washing or sanitizing is a practice I wouldn’t mind seeing continue even after the pandemic is over. We’d probably see a lot less cases of seasonal influenza and the common cold. If you have been buying a lot of those small 6-8oz bottles the price is fairly high and I have some suggestions to make your hand sanitizer budget stretch farther. My brand recommendation is the C4U Hand Sanitizer, as it’s priced very well and is fragrance free. You can always add a drop or two of an essential oil if you prefer your hand sanitizer to have a bit of a fragrance.

Buy C4U Hand Sanitizer in Bulk

Instead of buying a bunch more small bottles you can buy larger amounts and just refill your smaller bottle to put in your bag or on a keychain. I suggest really going big and buying the case of 6 half-gallon bottles of C4U Hand Sanitizer from Gulf Coast Distillers. Like many other alcohol distillers, they added hand sanitizer to their production line-up in early 2020 to try and help meet the …

Buy a Refurbished Washer and Dryer To Save Money

If you have been searching for a new washer and dryer but have been flinching at the price tags, I may have an option for you: buy refurbished. Many manufacturers from Maytag to Whirlpool will have a ‘refurbished’ section on their website where they have washers & dryers for sale for much lower than retail prices. Aside from the price being better, there are some other advantages to purchasing a refurbished machine that you may not have thought of!

What does refurbished mean?

A question that I see come up a lot is what does refurbished mean exactly? Does it mean used? The answer is: kind of. Typically a refurbished item is one that was returned to the manufacturer for some sort of defect that they have since corrected and now it’s for sale again. Usually it’s hardly been used, if at all. For example there may have been some sort of issue with the power source and it was returned because the previous customer couldn’t turn it on at all. So technically it’s never been ‘used’, but because the item had left their warehouse or the retail store they are unable to sell it as new and therefore they …

How to Buy Camping Gear at a Discount on Ebay

I think some people have this misconception of camping as an inexpensive hobby. You’re just going out into the woods and pitching a tent, how much can that cost? Well, the truth is even if you are backpacking it can add up to as much as staying in a hotel for the duration of your trip. That ultra-light gear usually comes with a hefty price tag because experienced backpackers know it’s worth the extra dollars to shave even a few pounds off the weight of their pack. If you’re car camping or glamping in an RV you can bring a lot more gear, which adds up to a lot more as well.

So, what’s the solution here? I’m absolutely not suggesting that you give up your camping dreams. In fact I would encourage more people to take the time to spend a few days away from it all and unplug in nature. You just need to be smart with your shopping, use coupon codes if you can find them, and be clever about where you make your purchases. There are a few online stores where you can purchase discounted camping gear, my personal favourite is Ebay. There are a few …