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Have you ever wondered why C4U is such a busy page? Well that is because we have 3 ladies and a couple of awesome guys working round the clock to find you the best deals, savings, giveaways, and laughs!



Hello my name is Sam 🙂 I started this page in September of 2011 with the hopes of reaching out and helping as many people as I can save the most money possible! I started couponing when I was struck with the realization of being a single mother. Aiden was the best blessing that ever happened to me but it was also the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with. Not knowing where the next can of formula was coming from or how I was going to get the next gallon of milk. So that is when I found coupons. When I first started it was just using coupons here and there but then I started learning how to save my coupons, match it with a sale, and get things free or almost close to free. For the first 2 years of Aiden’s life I would of been lost without them.

After learning how to get the hang of couponing I wanted to help as many people as I could. Whether it be just giving them a extra coupon when I see them in line or sitting them down and teaching them how save and match coupons with sales. Helping others was and will always be a passion of mine. Seeing someone or knowing something I did brought a smile to someones face is the motto I live by day to day. Whether something big or small just knowing something that I did, or the wonderful ladies behind this page did made someones life a little easier brings a smile to my face!



Hiya! I’m Jenn’s daughter and mommy of my beautiful cat Mia as well as the fabulous IKE.


I just found out I am expecting my first human baby! I mostly stay behind the lines and find deals online for everyone but I pop my head in sometimes to have a bit of fun with everyone. (And to post about minions.) I used to think it was silly to coupon until my mom took me shopping and we paid $200 for over $400 in groceries. That’s when I started couponing. I didn’t really get into it and make sure I had coupons with me at all times until I moved to Texas. Now I’m obsessed with couponing and finding amazing deals. I enjoy helping others save money and get freebies because it’s just an amazing feeling knowing you saved a chunk of money or even getting something you wanted/needed for free. And c-mon, who doesn’t like seeing their grocery bill drop?! I know I do!


Mom kiss dolphin

I started couponing to cut corners when I stumbled across a couponing page on Facebook. I figured a few bucks saved would be good, then I realized I was getting a few hundred dollars worth of food for a fraction of the cost!  My hubby John, aka Willy, and I move around a lot courtesy of the US Navy ~ no that doesn’t make me a Navy wife. That makes me John’s wife 🙂 We currently reside in Orange Park, Florida where things are oh so much cheaper than they were in Chicago.  We have two home schooled sons: Donovan and Christian, our diva Kris (look up!), our furbabies Zoe,  Max, Cookies, Captain Jack and Annabelle, our wonderdog Dakota, and a not so fast turtle named Turbo. We love our animals! Our motto is simple – be thankful for what you have as someone else isn’t so fortunate. We spend each day giving thanks for the life we have and helping others who may need a helping hand.


John, aka Willy, Christian and Donovan create posts, too! Donovan is 14, which seems to be an issue to trolls who stalk our page, but as a home schooling parent, it is a great learning experience for both of these guys! Christian, who is 16, can format HTML better than most adults and he learned here on our website. The boys aren’t very active, but if you see them, they will sign their name and NO that doesn’t mean “they run the page” as some trolls have so eloquently pointed out!


PST, before you X out this page, it’s me, Zoe. And just know, no matter what you read above, it’s me who runs this show! Don’t let ’em fool you!

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