Apply to Host a Crayola Tryology Program

crayola expo

Are you guys apart of ExpoTV? If you are check your emails I just got offered to host a Crayola Tryology Party!

crayola ex2

Now for you of those that are not apart of Expo Tv you ask what is it? Well it kind of reminds me of Smiley360 and House Party :) You get sent opportunities to test out different products :) And no they do not flood your email I personally have 4 different offers right now for pampers party, luvs party, crayola tryology program, and a pampers tryology program. Now I can not say everyone will get these offers I have a young child in my house so that is why I have these offers :) They give you offers based on your  profile!

So if you are not apart of this amazing program you still have a chance!


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