Earth Tower Vertical Garden

TOP 10 REASONS TO BUY EARTH TOWER: 1) MAXIMUM PLANTS; MINIMUM SPACE Vertical Gardening allows you to plant and enjoy a maximum number of plants in a minimum space. 2) ASSEMBLES IN MINUTES Snap in Wheels; 4 screws at bottom; 4 screws at top; then just slide in the slats. 3) WHEELED BASE Easily move and rotate your garden in all directions. 4) BEAUTY! Beautifully stained cypress wood design looks stunning even before your plants grow and bloom! 5) EASY TO WATER & FEED Internal reservoir provides an even supply of water and nutrients to plants. 6) DRAINAGE – NOT DAMAGE The Earth Tower base is specially designed to funnel excess water out through the drainage hole. Earth Tower is almost impossible to over water. 7) ROOTS & PLANTS THRIVE Abundant and loosely packed planting mix lets your plant roots roam and grow. 8) ELECTRICITY-FREE No ugly electrical cords or noisy pumps required. 9) ACCESSIBILITY Perfect for people in wheel-chairs; those who can’t bend or lean down; and for children who love eye-level gardening. 10) GROW DIRECTLY FROM SEED Grow from seeds or starter plants. Seeds are much less expensive and can be sown directly into the Earth Tower. Urban Gardener’s Delight!


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