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2 year anniversary

YES that is right on September 7th Jenn and I are going to be celebrating 2 years on Couponing4you! So you know we have to celebrate right :) But we are stuck, yes stuck, since we would not be here without you, the fans, we need your help. We want to celebrate! Yes that is right party at Couponing4you! But we need to know 2 things! So to get these answers what better to get them then by throwing….. yes a flash giveaway!

The Prize Tonight:

Hello Kitty Toaster

hello kitty toaster


So here is how it is going to work! You are going to have 1 hour to answer 2 questions on THIS post ON OUR Facebook Page! Now we do know some people are comment blocked because facebook is a meany LOL so if you have to write your answer on the wall that is ok but to help keep track of them if you can please leave your comments under this post on our facebook page!


All answers will be put into and the winner will be announced in a new blog post in 1 hour. Now since this is not a rafflecopter giveaway we will not have your email address to email you if you won so if you do participate please make sure you come back and look for the winners announcement! The winner will have 24 hours to send us a email to claim their prize!


So now on to the 2 questions you need to answer :)


1.) If you were to hold a giveaway what would it be? Example Rafflecopter, Flash Giveaway, Google Doc entry( 24 hour flash no rafflecopter) 48 flash, etc


2.) If you could pick 1 prize to win what would it be? Now remember if you win your prize will be featured in our 2 year anniversary giveaway on September 7th so pick wisely (up to $100 value)


Now we are not saying if it is going to be 1 prize 2 prizes 10 prizes etc. If you were fans of ours last year remember we did the A to Z giveaway! 1 day 1 prize for every letter of the alphabet :) So yes it can be a lot of prizes or maybe one BIG one the choices are endless and it is UP TO YOU!! So make sure you get your entries in!!



no facebook


  1. jodi lasher/frasier

    If i was to hold a giveaway, it would be a flash giveaway for a soda stream. I love them and i think other’s would love one to

  2. jodi lasher/frasier

    I would love to win a dyson vacuum cleaner.. It would be awesome being I am a clean freak and I have always wanted one lol

  3. #1 Rafflecopter
    #2 Marquee Candle

  4. Personally, I like the flash give aways, and I would pick a gift card as a prize!

  5. Teauna Melton

    If I were to hold a giveaway I would do a flash giveaway, love spur of the moment! And If there was 1 prize I would want to win it would be a $100 VISA gift card! I know its simple, but I am a huge makeup lover so it would be all be spent on that.. Lol ;)

  6. i would do a flash do two 50.00 gift for target and one for walmart

  7. 24 hour flash giveaway..and a $50 paypal gift card.

  8. denise dixon says:

    I like giveaways like this .. no rafflecopter please … and I would love to win gift card to a store like target old navy even bath and body works .. thanks for all you do for us that can’t afford some of these little things

  9. regina oates says:

    Rafflecopter…..a visa giftcard

  10. michelle ashby
    says: this page awesome fun giveaways an items,,,

  11. michelle ashby

    I would do a Flash Giveaway & I would love to win anything for my new 1st Grand daughter that will be here Nov. 2st…a gift of any kind for her, gift card an Hello Kitty is My daughter’s Favorite:)..luv

  12. michelle ashby

    I would do a flash giveaway & I would want anything for my new 1st grand daughter due, Nov. 2..thank u:)..luv

  13. Vickie Lockhart says:

    #1 Flash Giveaway
    #2 Fisher Price Disney Baby “The Lion King” Drop n Roar Simba

  14. 1. I would do a flash giveaway.

    2. I would pick a gift basket for a movie night for families. We as parents are so busy working going to school we seem to forget about spending time with are family.

  15. Angelica pickney says:

    I would do a flas giveaway! and i would choose hello kitty items my daughter and i hoth love them but can’t afford most!! thanks:)

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