Hostess Mini Cupcake Maker Flash Giveaway

hostess cupcake maker

You have 1 hour to get your entries in to win a new Hostess Mini Cupcake Maker


1.) All winners MUST be fans of C4U. If you are found out to not be a fan when you win and like the page after the winners announcement you WILL forfeit your prize and I will pick a new winner (yes we can see all new likes)

2.) All of our own personal flash giveaways are open worldwide

3.) If you are found to be harassing one of the winners in messages you will be disqualified from all of our giveaways. (we do to many giveaways on this page for their to be sore losers 

4.) Winners will be announced at the end of each giveaway and will only have 24 hours to send us a email to claim their prize. NO we do not send out emails to our winners for flash giveaways it is your job to email us if you win.

5.) If you win you will not hear back from me right away PLEASE know we did get your email. I email all winners back when your prize is en route to you.

6.) Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery of all prizes (yes some are sent 2 day shipping so you get them right away others do take longer)

7.) Fans outside of the US please allow additional time for delivery. Canada fans usually get them right away but just to cover all bases if you win and you are outside the US please allow additional time for delivery

8.) IF YOU WIN! When you receive your prize you must come back to the page and post a picture or for people that do not have cameras post on the page that you received it. If you do not you will be disqualified from all future giveaways on C4U

9.) The most important!!! HAVE FUN!!  I run these giveaways for all of you. We want to give back to you, the fans, and say thank you for being here with us. So no negative Nancies  ~ Sam


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  1. sarah hallock says:

    would love this !

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