How To Save On: C4U Fragrance Free Hand Sanitizer

how to save

Hand sanitizer is something we are all going to need for a while longer, and to be honest frequent hand washing or sanitizing is a practice I wouldn’t mind seeing continue even after the pandemic is over. We’d probably see a lot less cases of seasonal influenza and the common cold. If you have been buying a lot of those small 6-8oz bottles the price is fairly high and I have some suggestions to make your hand sanitizer budget stretch farther. My brand recommendation is the C4U Hand Sanitizer, as it’s priced very well and is fragrance free. You can always add a drop or two of an essential oil if you prefer your hand sanitizer to have a bit of a fragrance.

Buy C4U Hand Sanitizer in Bulk

Instead of buying a bunch more small bottles you can buy larger amounts and just refill your smaller bottle to put in your bag or on a keychain. I suggest really going big and buying the case of 6 half-gallon bottles of C4U Hand Sanitizer from Gulf Coast Distillers. Like many other alcohol distillers, they added hand sanitizer to their production line-up in early 2020 to try and help meet the overwhelming demand for it. They only sell by the case which is 6 of their half-gallon bottles, and it’s priced at $90.00 with shipping to anywhere in the United States. 3 gallons of hand sanitizer for only $90 is an amazing deal.

The C4U Hand Sanitizer is not the gel kind of sanitizer but is a liquid, so it applies and evaporates quickly leaving no sticky residue on your hands. It has no added fragrances, but as it is ethanol based it is not scent-free as with all other hand sanitizers. They do note that their hand sanitizer does have a different scent to those that are found in most retail stores since they use a different kind of ethanol as a base (they are a distillery!). It is also noted that the scent on the hands is less strong than smelling the bottle itself. If you are a very scent-sensitive person then it will be difficult to find a completely scent-free hand sanitizer, your best bet would just be lots of hand washing with a fragrance free soap and hot water and wearing gloves while out.

Put your C4U Fragrance Free Hand Sanitizer in a Foaming Dispenser

A few years ago putting my bathroom and kitchen hand soap into a foaming dispenser drastically reduced my hand soap use and therefore saved me a ton of money. The foaming dispensers work by adding air bubbles to the soap & water mixture as it’s being drawn out of the bottle and dispensed so that it comes out volumized, meaning that you need to use less of it.

foaming dispenser

A couple of months ago I had the idea to try putting hand sanitizer into a foaming dispenser to see what would happen. I found just straight hand sanitizer or a sanitizer and water combo didn’t foam very much. However, if you add a little soap into the mix (which is also sanitizing) then voila, nice foamy hand sanitizer! I like to use a moisturizing soap as well so that my hands don’t get totally dried out from the alcohol in the sanitizer. It’s definitely cut down my usage, and I find it easier to dispense than the liquid which could be tricky. If you accidentally pour too much into your hand it inevitably ends up dripping all over the place.

I even have a small travel sized foaming dispenser that fits into my purse. If you purchase a foaming soap sampler they will send you a few of these small travel sized bottles. You can empty about half of the soap into a different bottle for storage, then top it up with your C4U hand sanitizer. Now you have a convenient and economical hand sanitizer you can take with you anywhere!

Another bonus: Less Packaging Used & Thrown Away

I know I talk about this a lot on the blog, but I think it’s important to consider how much packaging you are using and therefore throwing away. Even if you are recycling it, although it is heaps better than throwing it in the garbage there is still an impact to the environment in the recycling process. Really the less we can use the better, our aim should always be to reduce first.

Anyhow, by purchasing in bulk and refilling your small bottles as necessary you’ll be using way less bottles than if you were just purchasing the retail sizes over and over. It will cost you less, it costs the manufacturers less, and it costs the planet less.

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