Thinking of staying at the Days Inn? You might want to think again


days inn


First before I start this I want to say I was NOT paid to do this post! I personally do not even like reviews because honestly the companies want to give you something for free and ask you say nothing but great things about it. I am sorry but if something is not right, it is just not right! So no I do not do many reviews because if I am going to take the time to write something up I want it to be the truth. That way the C4U Fans know exactly what to expect!

Now onto other pressing matters, No this review is not about ALL Days Inn, I can only speak about the one I stayed in. Days Inn in Salisbury, NC. So you ask if this is not about all of them why do this post blasting all of Days Inn? Because it got to the point during my stay that the Corporate office had to be contacted and they honestly did nothing about it! Now no, I am not looking for free stays, no I am not looking to get something free or discounted, I was looking for them to fix the problems and that was NOT done!

As most of the C4U fans know I recently had to do a last minute trip to Salisbury, NC because my God Daughter went into labor almost a month early. So yes last minute travel plans always comes with issues. You can not find good hotels, trying to make sure you have enough money for the travel, etc. Well to say this last minute trip I had to make was perfect is very FAR from the truth!!!

So lets start out with the trip! I was traveling with my best friend from Savings Together, her mother, her son, and of course little Aiden! We were pulling out of La Crosse, WI headed to Salisbury, NC and not even 5 minutes out of town we got rear ended! Yes, a start to what was suppose to be a great trip!

car accident

So yes, after the accident we had to make a last minute trip to the ER. Aiden, Timmy (Jenni’s son), and myself has whip lash, and Jenni had a a ruptured disk and whip lash! But never the less we were making this trip!! Now just to give you guys a little insist on how long this trip is:


Yes 16 hours in a car with 2 children!! Now after we stopped to eat and fill up on gas it ended up being about 20 hours in the car! And as most of you know traveling with kids that 20 hours felt like 48 hours LOL. But never the less we made it! Drove 20 hours straight!

Finally we arrive at our destination:

Days Inn

321 Bendix Dr

Salisbury, NC 28146

Check In Time 2:00 pm

We arrived around 4:00 pm (2 hours after check in time)

Now let me start out by saying when we arrived the front desk clerk was amazing!! I booked 2 rooms (one for Aiden and I and one for Jenni and her family) but I did reserve one of the rooms to be handicap accessible but it was not so she did fix it! Now no that is not their fault that was But it did get fixed.

Now let me explain how the set up of this hotel is. They have 2 buildings. Now most of the times when you book 2 rooms with children they are next to each other. Not in this case! My room was across the parking lot on the 2nd floor while Jenni’s room was in the first building on the first floor. Ok, not that bad right? Of course not, if that was the only issue we would of had then this trip would of been amazing!!

Ok now for all the C4U fans that travel and drive long distances when you arrive at the hotel what is the first thing you want to do after you check in? Get there take a hot shower and take a nap right? Ok maybe I am different but that is what I like to do! BUT that did NOT happen when I got there!!

LOOK at what I walked into when we got to our room:

bed1bed 2

First let me say this, our room? The door was WIDE open!!! Yes I did not have to put a key in we literally walked into the room! And then we see NO sheets on the bed, NO towels in the bathroom, and…………..

bed 3

Ok I know to most this will look like nothing but a window but let me make this more clear for you. The window was WIDE open!!! Now wait it gets better…. THERE WAS NO SCREEN in that window!! Now let me remind you guys again I am on the 2nd floor and I am sharing a room with my 5 year old!! Ok I know most parents will say well just lock the window and nothing will happen. The lock on this window? Was right in arms length of Aiden! It took nothing more than 3 seconds for him to unlock it and open the window! And as most parents know all it takes is for you to go use the restroom for 10 seconds and something serious could of happened!!

Ok so yes the shock of the room is over right? NOPE!! I get in and call the front desk and ask them to come fix the room! Yes I am irritated, shoot at this point I have been up for over 36 hours and I wanted a nap! So yes, after about 10 minutes the maid finally comes to the room.

bed4 bed5

She comes and makes 1, yes 1 bed, and then vanishes!! Ok, yes, as most of the C4U fans know I am not the one that bites my tongue. I am pissed!! So yes I call corporate! What do they do? They transfer me back to the front desk!! Excuse me? The front desk is doing nothing and you transfer me back to them? Their answer? Well our hotel is independently owned so we only have so much control. Yeah that was not the response I wanted to hear at that time!! So I take it to their Facebook page!

The first red flag should of went off went I could not write on their wall. All I could do was message them. But that is ok Message them I did!! I sent them all of the pictures you are seeing in this post now. Now their response?

days inn response

Now wait it gets better!!!! After about 45 minutes and 3 more phone calls back to the front desk the maid finally came back and made the 2nd bed and gave me some towels. So finally I can relax right? I go into the shower to wash off that 20 hour ride and come back out. Well Aiden took his cat nap while I was in the shower and was wide awake when I got back out. Now he is hungry! Of course, no sleep for me LOL but hey I am use to that. So before we leave I just happen to look at my bank account and guess what? The Days Inn Charged me 3 times!! Yes 3!! Ok, now just so you know I did purchase 2 rooms for 5 nights, so there should of only been 2 charges!

days inn charge

So now I am ready to loose the little bit of cool I have left!! I call the front desk and she apologizes and says it was her mistake and she will have the night auditor fix it and I will get my money back right away. Now just to let you all know I did check in on a Saturday so common knowledge told me that it will not be back into my bank until Monday morning. Ok, yes I took this lady’s word and trusted it would be back into my bank by then. So we went to get dinner.

We arrive back at the hotel and by this time I am EXHAUSTED! Luckily, Aiden was sleepy too so off to count the sheep……….

Sunday Morning, April 12th

Ok let me just start by saying the beds were comfortable! Yes I slept like I was a newborn baby! BUT then another nightmare hits me! Ok to be honest I did not know it was a nightmare at the time! I woke up and I had bites on my neck


Now, yes at this time I should of packed up our things and got the hell out of there but I honestly thought I was bitten by some spider during the night. (This does happen to me when a spider bites me, I swell up like I was beaten by a bat LOL).  So yes we took our showers, put some anti itch cream on the bites and we went out for the day!

Now the nightmare becomes reality! We get back into the hotel that night and I am laying on the bed watching a movie. Sounds innocent right? Well all of a sudden I started feeling these little bites on my feet, my hands, and then on my back!


(I have other pictures but this is a family friendly site so I will not post them. Lets just say these bugs went to town on my body)

Now yes I should of left then, but by the time this happened it was already 2 in the morning and Aiden was sleeping. So since Aiden did not receive a single bite I scrubbed myself in a hot shower and crawled into bed with him.

Monday April 13th

Yes, the beginning to the end of the nightmare. I woke up itching from head to toe! I was so uncomfortable and to make matters even better my foot was so bitten up and swollen that I could not even fit a sock or a shoe on my foot!!

Well as promised from the person I was speaking to on Facebook, they did try to fix it. So you ask how right? They have the hotel manager call me! Yeah, ok, let me just tell you what frame of mind I was in when I received this phone call. Imagine being the most uncomfortable you have ever been, now times that by 10. I still have not received the money back that they took from me “on accident” and I did not sleep much the night before because I was up itching all night.

Ok now you know where my mind frame was. So my phone ring and it is the manager. Now before I say this next sentence let me just say I do not care where a person is from, or the language or the culture they were brought up in. I believe every person is equal. Now yes the phone rings and it was the hotel manager (sorry I can not remember his name because honestly I could barely understand him). He says to me I hear you are having issues! Issues? I EXPLODED!!! First they basically rob me of over $300, then I am eaten alive by bed bugs, and honestly I have been treated like Sh** the entire time I have been there! I am sorry to inconvenience the maids and the hotel and expect a hotel room waiting for me and ready for me when arrive. I am sorry I expect to be NOT eaten by bugs when I am sleeping. I am Sorry I expect to not be charged 3 times for 2 rooms!

Ok yes I am pissed, and yes, I have a “sailors” mouth when I get pissed. So yes the “F” word came out of my mouth when I told him about the bed bugs! Could I have not said it, yes, but at this point I was fed up!

So the managers response? “What did you say to me?” “What language did you use?” “In my country women have respect” “I will not speak to you anymore” “You can check out and go to the Super 8 or the Hampton Inn” “There is nothing I can do”

Ok so you guys remember how I did not get refunded yet right? So just checking out was not a option. I have to make sure I have money for my son and I to eat while we are down there too. So I ask can we just get a different room because I can not stay in this one anymore. “I will see what I can do but it may not happen.”

Then he addresses the issues about my room not being ready when we arrived. Now mind you before I give you his response, we checked in almost 2 hours after the check in time.

He says to me “We were booked, every room, the night before. So we were busy. It does not happen all the time but it does happen”. Ok I get that, as we say to you fans a lot sometimes life happens. But then he goes on to say to me “It was just your room that was not ready” Excuse me?


This is a picture I took right after the maid came and made the first bed and then left. Every room, again I repeat, every room on the 2nd floor had their doors open, every room had no sheets on the bed, every room the windows were wide open with no screens in them. So just my room? Nope sorry! And please tell me why, if they were so busy, why when we checked in were ALL of the maids sitting down in the lobby? If you were so busy should you not be working? Or at least making sure the 1 room that needed to be done was done? If you are going to lie to a PAYING guest make sure it is one that does not take pictures of everything!

I finally hung up on that “a**hole” and sent the entire conversation to their FB page. So you guys know exactly what was said and I did not leave anything out


So yes, They did as they promised and tried to fix it, NOW I am doing as I promised and I am going to be sending this out via all social media sites. Whether the fans take the time to read this or not. The proof is all here!

Independently owned or not I am sorry but the name Days Inn is on the hotel! Corporate really needs to do something to fix this! You are letting one bad owner ruin your entire name!

So if you asked me would I ever stay at another Days Inn again? NO! You could not pay me too! I do not care if the next Days Inn down the street has a 5 star rating! This one experience was enough for me to never step foot in another one again! And the way Corporate “handled” it, they should be ashamed of themselves!

Thankfully, I had enough to check out that day and to get us over to the Super 8! But again fans, if you are thinking about traveling soon, make sure you 2nd guess ever staying at a Days Inn because honestly if you have a issue Corporate is going to wipe you under the rug and blame it on they are independently owned!

Out of 5 Stars? Days Inn you get a half!

half star

sam image


  1. Keyosha Holmes

    Wow…I read every bit of this and I am so glad you took the time to share this. It is really beyond ridiculous that you had to go through this and that you were treated like crap. They really should be more than ashamed of themselves for the lack of services and respect they had for you. In my opinion, you are doing the right thing honey.

  2. That is horrible. I cannot believe you were treated that way! Shame on all of them. These company’s make their money from people like you daily if your message gets out to all of the travlers then where will they get money from. Noone!!!

  3. LIZ VADER says:


  4. Allyson Odell Hunter

    Wow! Wow! Wow! What a horrific experience! You had a lot more patience than I would have. The bed bugs alone would have sent me to calling the local media and the health department. That’s something they can’t hide! Perhaps they thought the open windows would air them out?!

    Don’t think I’ll ever be staying at one of their hotels. After the 2nd complaint they should have comped you a day at the very least… and an apology too! So sorry for what you went through! shame on the corporate office for not wearing the pants!

  5. Wow, I have read both views from you and your friend. There is even more to this story that she left out people! You need to go onto TripAdvisor and post on there also (if you havent already). Under no circumstance should these things have happened. Yes, sometimes life just throws you curve balls….but this…this is mismanagement from the start. Sad that a trip with such a fun, happy reason will be remembered this way.

  6. I went to one 10 years ago in Lancaster, Pa. Never again. My room was dirty but the guys across the hall had 12 inches of standing water in the shower, and were basically told tough sh1t.


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