Triple Divided Skillet

Not more than five years ago, Vicki Slack found herself using, cleaning, and drying more skillets than she intended to after cooking and reheating meals. One night, while washing the dishes she started brainstorming of an easier way to dirty-up fewer skillets when preparing meals. It dawned on her that she had a reusable storage container with separate compartments, so why not use that as a model for a skillet with different cooking sections. After much research, taking courses in product design, and many snags and delays to overcome, Vicki and Dean Slack came up with The Triple Divided Skillet. They use it in their home and hope that you do to! Cook 3 different foods or tastes simultaneously. Fewer skillets to clean after each meal. Easy-to-clean design; no annoying corners. Perfect for portion control. Choose from 3 different sizes.


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